Thursday, 21 January 2016

Blogger friends

To all my blogger friends

I had this blog for a while now, but I am not very constant in keeping it updated. (Something I need to work on :)

To all my blogger friends, please share your tips and secrets with me.

I have a freebie for you.  It is saved in a PNG file (it has a clear background so you can use it on any background of your choice)

  Have an awesome day.

Michelle :)


  1. Sorry--not a blogger, but I hope you get some tips!

    1. Thank you Teresa. I really appreciate it

  2. 1. Make a plan: What do you want to blog about? Why?
    2. Set one or more days on which a new post should go online
    3. Create time slots during the week where you can do the research, drawing, writing for your blog posts.
    4. Plan your posts in advance.
    These are just some basics. When I stick to these, I manage to post new posts on a regular basis. When I do not, well, nothing much happens.

    I'm reading / using the Epic Blog Planner (just enter it on amazon). It is not really useful for my blog because I'm not building a business but it might be interesting for you :-)

    Keep up the good work!


  3. These are really good tips Stephany!! Thank you, I will look out for that book Ü