About me

Ummmm.......I have to admit, writing about me is not easy.

I have always been very reserved and a bit shy.  When I first started this blog, I only showed my pictures and never really shared much about myself.  But then I came to a big realisation.

We are all born with a light within us, and by keeping to myself, I am not sharing my light with the world.  I have always been afraid of harsh judgements.  What if someone does not like me....?  What if I make mistakes....?  Believe me, I make lots of mistakes... But that is also how I learn the most....by trying to fix all my mistakes.

It is time for me to let my light shine to the world.  I love to put a smile not only on someone's face, but also their heart.  I have a talent, and I would love to share it. I used to think that asking money for my talent is wrong, but times have changed and my life's circumstances have changed.  My next adventure in life is starting and I am really stretching my comfort zone.

Who am I??
I am daughter of God.  I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I'm a wife to a very awesome man.  I am a mother of 4, whom I homeschool. I live in England.  It is not my place of birth, I was born in South Africa.  I have lived in England for about 8 years.
I love being creative and daydreaming.  I sometimes forget that I live in the real world :)
I love anything whimsical.  I have a theme that I live by.........SIMPLIFY!!!!!  I don't like too many frills and bits and pieces.  Sometimes less is more.

By sharing my art, I am letting you into my world.  I am also sharing a piece of my heart with you.  I hope my little doodles will put a smile on your face.  I am working hard to improve my talent and create even cuter and better artwork.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.

Much love,
Michelle xx

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